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Woman hands typing in a laptop in a coffee shopMy husband and I were supposed to be out of town last week with my brother and sister-in-law. However, a call from our daughter requesting child care assistance made for a prompt change of plans.

The thirteen year old granddaughter had a “High School Presentation Night” and both parents desired to attend to talk with representatives from a number of parochial high schools. We were to watch the two younger children for the evening.

My daughter mentioned the middle child had been home for three days with the flu.

Armed with that information we readied for their arrival. We set up an infirmary downstairs in the family room (stocked the refrigerator, placed microwavable popcorn and soups on top the microwave oven) for the sick granddaughter. Additional nourishment was brought down and I continued periodic visual checks and talked with her when I could tear her away from her TV programs on the big screen television.

Dinner was prepared and served upstairs for the others before their departure to school. Shortly after the two of them left, (my son-in-law met them directly at the school); the youngest, the grandson, started to cough.

He was still awake when they returned and after discussing and hearing the coughing fits; my daughter contacted the on-call doctor. With the call concluded my husband and daughter head off to the pharmacy to buy allergy medicine. The physician did not think it was the flu as the child was not exhibiting other symptoms.

Oh, I forgot to mention, my daughter was just recovering from a cold and my son-in-law now in residence was REALLY SICK.

Come Friday – the oldest granddaughter was the only one heading to school and my husband took her as he was heading to a meeting. Friday evening – was very subdued – all were still sick – all were still here.

Saturday morning my husband had developed a sore throat – but still pushed through his day. My grandson’s persistent cough made for a very restless night and the sick granddaughter felt worse. The parents marched off to the doctor with the two young ones in tow. The oldest stayed with me.

Conclusion from their pediatrician – grandson had the flu and granddaughter added sore throat to her list of symptoms and had a throat culture done.

Everyone back here, except my husband who was at an all day seminar.

Now that MY WHOLE HOUSE WAS CONTAMINATED WITH GERMS – they decided the best alternative, so that we wouldn’t get sick, was to head home.

I explained we had already been very exposed and were here to help but it fell on deaf ears as they packed (taking another hour since they brought enough clothes and other belongings to be away for a month) and left in their two cars. The really sick ones drove home with my son-in-law while my daughter took the oldest to drama class.

Saturday afternoon – I unleash disinfectant throughout the house, clean countertops, wash all the laundry . . . but by evening, I was fighting something.

Sunday – Was still fighting it and stayed in all day.

Monday – It was still with me . . . as I wandered off for another glass of orange juice.

Now it was too quiet around here – wished they were back germs and all.

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