Book Endorsements

“Destined from birth to become the CEO of Barrington Holdings International, Christiana accepts the role her father gave her to become the son her father never had. Her journey to fulfill this destiny is beset with numerous obstacles and challenges, some arising from her personal life and some from the unpredictable manipulations of the corporate world. The author does a magnificent job of telling Christiana’s story, gradually introducing and developing new characters, slowly unfolding the personal relationships between the characters, unveiling their pleasant qualities as well as their foibles. Everything is interwoven around a plot that is both intriguing and interesting; with an ending that is sure to surprise and amaze the reader. Son of My Father – A Family Dynasty is a well-written and entertaining novel, an enjoyable and satisfying read for both men and woman.”

John R. Connolly, Ph.D. is Professor Emeritus of Theological Studies at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA. He has published numerous articles in professional journals and is the author of a couple of books. His most notable work is the book, John Henry Newman: A View of Catholic Faith for the New Millennium (Rowman and Littlefield, 2005.)

Son of My Father – A Family Dynasty packs all the conflict of families, business, relationships, legacies and intrigue into one riveting story. Peggy Hattendorf, in what I expect will be the first of many books, has a style that holds on to the reader, making them become part of the story and wanting more when they are done. This American family is as complex as any other and while their tale is not average, their battles and intricacies can be seen in almost any family today. Our own battles in life are clearly mirrored in Son of My Father – A Family Dynasty and I think we have a new American author in our midst.”

Barry Kluger
Columnist, The Arizona Republic
Author “A Life Undone: A Father’s Journey Through Loss.”

Son of My Father – A Family Dynasty offers a panoramic tale of a family dynasty, corporate intrigue, greed and lust that will take the reader on an unforgettable international journey. Peggy Hattendorf’s maiden novel hints of the generational writing of Tolstoy and the corporate executive grit of an Ayn Rand epic. Her personal experience as an executive in the travel industry and knowledge of the cosmetics field give a verisimilitude to the unfolding events in the narrative. This one is a page-turner.”

Gabriel Phillips, retired travel industry executive, Former Chief Executive of the Major Airlines Trade Association, Past National Chairman of US Travel Association.

Son of My Father – A Family Dynasty is a sure-fire hit. It is totally compelling from start to finish with a slew of interesting and genuinely fascinating characters which first-time novelist Peggy Hattendorf has developed with painstaking clarity. To simply say it is a “page-turner” (which it certainly is) doesn’t begin to do it justice. I can’t wait for the sequel!!”

John L. Seitz, Senior Editor, The Beverly Hills Courier