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Why I decided to write my book

The notion of writing a book started about nine years ago with a concept of a beautiful and wealthy young woman who flitted around the world socializing in the circles of the international elite from the worlds of business, politics, sports, fashion etc. She was the “jet setting” consummate “party girl.” As I continued to conceptualize my intended protagonist – the character fell flat and I couldn’t break through and write about her seemingly frivolous existence. She was shallow and one dimensional.

The idea of writing a novel was shelved for a long time, as I surmised if I was bored with the character my potential readers too would lose interest. I still brainstormed ideas – but I couldn’t write through my blockages. Frustrated and fraught with self doubt, I figured the whole book writing process best be left to highly creative individuals.

But I was still motivated and something continued to gnaw at me – providing a glimmer of hope that maybe this wasn’t just a pipe-dream or unrealistic pursuit.

It was still long in coming but finally I had the striking realization – to recast my main character. While not abandoning the idea of a female lead, diligently I set out to craft the character with more depth and substance. She would be armed with a pedigree education starting in Swiss boarding school and culminating with advanced degrees from Harvard and Wharton. A step into the business world brought her to the family founded multi-national worldwide conglomerate, Barrington Holdings International. Groomed for this since she was a small child – it was all she ever knew. As the only child of Elizabeth Matthews Barrington and Jonathan Robert Barrington, she’s the presumed heir apparent.

With a defining career in the makings, she labors with the tensions and discord of the contentious relationship with her father. Jonathan as the antagonist provides the perfect counterpoint. This entangled relationship spills over into her personal life as well as she continues not only to meet but exceed all his expectations. For the first time, I gave my character her name – Christiana Lynn Barrington.

This was pivotal in deciding to write – Son of My Father – A Family Dynasty. From that point forward, characters and storyline started to be defined and the book was formulated.

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