Son of My Father – A Family Dynasty



It was always “Father” never “Dad.” Although the love and respect is manifest, so is the distance – the distance not as apparent. Christiana Lynn Barrington’s pedigree life is a carefully constructed world – built, presented and controlled by her billionaire father, Jonathan Robert Barrington. And a failed marriage is proof of that.

Now positioned as one of the world’s most desirable and eligible women, she did not lack for male attention. However, her love life remains static with her responsibilities as a single parent even with nannies and household assistance. The demands of running a worldwide conglomerate and the sustained obligations to her father overshadow the glamour of being a Barrington. The words her ex-husband, Michael Trent, threw at her at the termination of their marriage continue to haunt. “No man will ever be able to compete with your father.” Sadly, she knows it might be true.

She’s the presumed heir apparent, to the behemoth Barrington Holdings International, as the only child of Elizabeth Matthews Barrington and Jonathan.

She never knew anything else.

“Groomed from the womb,” she would often quip. Frequently she wondered if he would have preferred to have had a son instead of a daughter but never had the courage to ask. Maybe she was afraid of the answer.

Christiana sacrifices love, family and self for the Company, more accurately, for her father, as she readies to succeed him in running their global empire. But a threat to her hard-earned succession waits in the shadows ready to take everything she’s worked for away from her. Now she must fight for her rightful place – even as her world collapses all around her.