Reading Peggy Hattendorf’s Son of My Father, was a reviving read for me, not so much that it was a truly captivating storyline exposing the inner and secret day-to-day activities of a very prominent and successful entrepreneurial family, but more so that upon reading the book, I can now, actually acknowledge that this may be the first time I’ve read a contemporary fictional piece written by someone with such a superbly gifted, high caliber of writing.

Certainly, due to Peggy’s command of the pen; after completely anticipating the mind of the reader to want to read more and more, (and continuing to offer plenty more alluring enticements), I look forward to reading the following sequel(s).

Even more than that, I would love to get an opportunity to read an epic novel, where I can ‘fine dine’ on Ms. Hattendorf’s excellent writing skills, for hours at a time. I am certain that one of Peggy Hattendorf’s books will be a Best Seller before long!

Jeanette Cook – Business Owner / Realtor

The author has written a well crafted story with tense situations and intriguing characters. The book is a speedy read and hard to put down. The sequel should be interesting.

John Fleming – Retired Partner at International Accounting Firm

This author has an amazing way with words. Creating a story that is so riveting, Peggy Hattendorf takes you on a wonderful journey. This book is great for all those who love to read a great tale.

Mike Berlin – Child Therapist / BusinessOwner – Children’s Gym

A great first effort by the author. An exciting boardroom melodrama with enough twists and turns to keep the reader wondering what’s going to happen next. I’m wondering what’s planned for the second installment.

John Kendrick – CFO Large Name Recognized Hospitality Company