Writing Methods and Locations – What are your Preferences?

Global communicationThese great authors had some interesting ways, locations and methods for writing.

Amantine Lucile-Aurore Dupin best known by her pseudonym George Sand wrote “A Winter in Majorca” in the town of Valldemossa on the island of Majorca, one of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, with her companion Frederic Chopin in a monastery in two small cells.

Truman Capote composed lying down in bed or on a couch with cigarettes and coffee early in the day switching beverages over to tea, sherry and martinis as the day progressed.

Vladimir Nabokov wrote his famous Lolita standing up all on index cards.

John Steinbeck preferred crafting his drafts in pencil and was known to have 12 sharpened pencils on his desk.

I find my most creative moments while I’m flying – away from all the normal distractions. When I’m working from home I like to switch from writing in the computer to taking notes and composing with pen and paper.

It all starts out with ideas running wild – concepts bouncing around in your head. Try and choose the writing tools and methods as well as the preference of writing location, to best serve your creative endeavors.

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